Gardening Log 2008

February 16

  • Turned up garden soil, added layer of bark mulch

February 23

  • Planted snap peas outdoors in troughs
  • Planted parsley indoor in pots
  • Planted fennel indoor in pots

March 8

  • Planted jalapeno peppers indoors in pots
  • Planted cauliflower indoors in pots
  • Planted radishes outside
  • Planted bok choi outside

April 12

  • Planted spinach outside
  • Planted romaine outside
  • Transplanted fennel outside and planted more
  • Planted mesculin mix outside
  • Planted mixed lettuce greens outside
  • Planted parsnips outside
  • Planted more radishes outside (old ones haven't taken)
  • Planted green onion outside
  • Planted cilantro outside